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We have started enrollments! Come to us and get great prices:

Pre-arranged (with our job) $ 1095

Self-arranged (with your job) $ 795

Come with 2 more friends and you can sign up with 1065$ each!

For enrollments made until the end of November all students will recevive a free ISIC card!

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Students stand out through Work and Travel

A summer in the States among new friends will change you. If you want to see firsthand what life is like on the other side of the ocean, this is a way to gain a different perspective - not as a tourist, but by actively participating in everyday life.

You can enroll in the program in your first year as a student and you will be able to travel and work in the States. Your salary will cover program costs and expenses during your stay in the States. You can also save money to partly finance your studies or for other purposes. Last chance to enroll in the program is summer vacation before postgraduate studies.

In addition, you get a discount of $20 of the cost of the program Work and Travel USA by IntegralEdu if you use your ISIC card.


Work and Travel program is for you if:

  • you like to travel
  • you want to improve your English
  • you want to work during the summer and visit new places
  • you want to make new friends and experience new things
  • you want to add to your CV experience abroad


With us, you will make the most out of your money!
See here the benefits of joining the IntegralEdu Work and Travel program.


Work and Travel Program is an INTEGRAL part of your student life!

Work and Travel USA is a cultural exchange program that allows full-time students to spend summer vacation in America and work legally in tourism and services.

The program duration is 3 and a half months plus one additional month (so-called grace period) which allows you to travel across the United States after termination of employment.

In America, the program is administered by a sponsor organization. Integral has a long standing relationship with the largest sponsor of cultural programs - CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) that was authorized by the State Department to conduct Work and Travel since 1969. CIEE is an NGO which conducts various educational and cultural exchange programs for students and young people.

Also, because we want to have diversity and offer our clients as many opportunities as possible, since the beginning of 2018 we have started a partnership with the second sponsor of cultural programs - InterExchangewhich has a lot of jobs in most areas in USA. 



Work and Travel dictionary:

  • WAT - short for Work and Travel program.
  • DS-2019 - a document issued by CIEE certifying your presence in the program and allows you to work legally in America for some time. We also use and the abbreviation "DS".
  • Work period - the time in which you can work in the United States. This is indicated on the DS (maximum period of 4 months).
  • Dates of travel - the time that you spend in the States as a tourist, not to work (maximum period is one month).
  • Self Arrange - option that allows you to secure your own job offer.
  • Pre Arrange - option with job offers made available by Integral and CIEE.
  • J1 visa - type of visa, issued for cultural exchange participants, including participants WAT.
  • DS - 160 - Form for the American Consulate, along with other necessary documents required when applying for the J1 visa.
  • SEVIS - System information cultural exchange students and visitors; an online database where all international students are registered after entering US territory. Depending on the program, participants pay a fee to use the system.
  • Social Security Card - a card issued to all those who are working legally in the States including WAT students. Each card has a unique number called Social Security Number.

If in our conversations or on our site we use words you do not understand, do not be afraid to ask us for clarification. We went through this and we know how important it is to be well informed!


Eligibility requirements

You can enroll in the program if you:

  • are a student or a college student in Romania or abroad
  • you are between 18 and 28 or 30 years old 
  • you have an average level of English
Oct 18, 2017 admin 19971 views