Health Insurance

Oct 18, 2017 admin 5276 views

Work and Travel is a special program and therefore we provide you eith the first specifically designed insurance for Work and Travel participants. State insurance specialists and a team of CIEE consultants, participated in its creation. The new insurance offers:


  • access to more than 672 000 health centers with the ability to easily locate the nearest center through a detailed site
  • 100% coverage of all medical expenses
  • not have to fill out medical claims
  • the maximum insured amount is 100 000 USD
  • costs of medical prescriptions


It is one of the few insurances that include:

  • a tax refund of 500 - 1500 $ if luggage is lost or stolen documents or in case of theft
  • liability insurance in case of damage caused to third parties
  • legal advice and services to the sum of $ 20,500 in case of accident or theft except where the crime was committed by a WAT participant 


All students traveling with Integral, without any exception, automatically get insurance for the maximum period of five months. You can read the terms and conditions here.


Oct 18, 2017 admin 5276 views