J1 Visa

Oct 18, 2019 admin 6659 views

We know what frightens and worries you most is the visa for the States. Therefore, let us give you some information:

Visa application procedure is the same every year, and we are familiar with it.
The US Consulate interviews each year thousands of students who want to participate in Work and Travel program.
The US Consulate applies each year its own rules and criteria to assess all participants.
Each year, after completing the interviews, there are happy students happy, but also some disappointed.
Every year we do everything we can to ensure that you are one of the happy students who move on to the "visa obtained"

Because we know how stressful the procedure is, we are with you step by step:

When applying to the program - we are honest with you and we tell you what chances you have to get a visa.
When you are ready to apply for a visa - we help you with the list of documents required for visa file and give you instructions on completing the DS-160 form 
When you have all the documents ready - we send them to the US Embassy
When you were scheduled for interview - we immediately inform you both by mail and phone
Before visa interviews - we do a mock interview, we will give you feedback and last but not least, we wish you good luck!
Visa interviews - we will keep fingers crossed :)
After the interview - we will take care of your travel arrangements and we will ensure that you will get the lowest, most convenient price on airfare!
If you do not get a visa, we will refund the program fare, the SEVIS fee and ticket price!

So you have nothing to lose! Good luck! :)

Oct 18, 2019 admin 6659 views