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Oct 31, 2017 admin 12720 views

We have started enrollments! Come to us and have great prices:

Pre-arranged (with our job) $ 1095

Self-arranged (with your job) $ 845

Come with 2 more friends and you can sign up with 1065$ each!

   Sign up here for more details!

And don't forget, we help you make the most out of your money, because we offer you:

  • job safety, thanks to your long partnerships; professionalism, with our 24 years experience; financial safety and flexibility and you won't have to pay additional fees for certain locations.
  • BRD Work and Travel credit - the special credit designed for students that want to go to the States. For more details, click HERE
  • Safe Pack - in case you can't go anymore, you get all your money back!


Leave us your personal data and a colleague will contact you as soon as possible!


Oct 31, 2017 admin 12720 views