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Andreea & Adela

Breathe out, breathe in
American oxygen
Every breath I breathe
​Chasin' this American Dream"

Those were the lyrics that have marked the summer. Three months in America are not enough. Not enough to see so many places, meet so many people. It's difficult to change the environment, but once you adjust, it's nothing you'd want to give back. It was a full summer, just like in the movies, we visited many beautiful places, we met many wonderful people with whom we still keep in touch, we learned a lot about ourselves and about others, such as the fact that no matter what language we speak , all young people are the same.
This experience is worth it and we will definitely do it again!
It was a dream, it was the american dream..

See you soon, USA!




Bianca & Mihai

Work and Travel Experience was a wonderful opportunity, we managed to visit many wonderful places that you could only see in movies. We managed to live so many unique exeperinete that it would be all too hard to choose just one. We visited New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, we went to the Six Flags amusement park and lived for 3 months in Atlantic City. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be New York City. We had the opportunity to visit the most important museums in the city such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Natural History Museum, and unusual museums as Madame Tussauds and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Another wonderful things we experienced was when we went up to floor 86, on top of the most popular building in NY, the Empire State Buliding. We walked in the bustling Times Square, we saw one of the most popular showcases on Broadway: "Amazing Grace," we walked through the wonderful Central Park and visited the famous Statue of Liberty and Elias Island. After all these dream experiences, we think it was a good choice to spend the summer in the States and we want to go again next year, but in a different destination: California.





After some time it felt surreal to reach the US until the impossible became posibile. About 14 hours of flight, crossing an ocean and there I am, in the American dream.
Look right, left and if you're in one of the movies you see at the cinema. Eventually you convince yourself that that's reality and that it's part of a summer that you know you will not forget. :) "


If I had to describe my experience in the US in a word, it would be rollercoaster.
I had moments of ecstasy, pure happiness, and many times when I said I can not, that this is not for me. Fortunately another  moment of pure happiness helped me last a bit more.
The people I met there changed me, helped me grow and made me understand that there are an infinite number of sides to the same thing.
In short, in 3 months I lived as in a year, we saw more than in all my 20 years, and most importantly I made great friends, some possibly for life.













As seen in the photos ... smiles are everywhere. By far this was the best experience of my life so far and I will definitely repeat it! At first I was reluctant, I was scared, I did not know the language, did not know how I will integrate. Two weeks were enough to feel like part of their world, a world different from our world, a better world and more welcoming. America came with "a lot" of people, cultures, new words. In the USA you laugh, you laugh a lot, laughter is medicine there, it does you well! No matter how much you work, you do not feel fatigue. I no longer wanted time off, I wanted to work every day to be with people I have known as much as possible, I wanted to take advantage of the days (counted) we had to spend there ... I knew it will end and I will never see some people again...
but, never say never!
Traveling was just like in the movies! To see so many things that you never imagined you see them, touch them, to know their history, it's impressive! I traveled to New York to Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Detroit ... (I wanted to leave room for next year). I recommend everyone to go to work and travel and discover their limits !!

Thank you IntegralEdu!





My work and travel experience began exactly one year ago. My story began when I first met with IntegralEdu and they told me what a summer in the States means. Said and done. We solved all the papers, I was at the Embassy and I got the excelent answer "I wish you a great summer!" And that's how it was exactly. On June 23, 2014 began the most beautiful and memorable summer of my life. Old Orchard Beach was the town where I spent three months with a great team in an amusement park on the Atlantic Ocean. Everything went very quickly, work was fun, and day by day I meet new people and new things were happening. After 3 months of work, followed the Traveling. That meant 1 week 4 days in Boston and New York. The first feeling you have when you get in New York City is "Seriously?!?!?!?!?" It's huge, it is huge, it is a city that you can't not fall in love with. How does it feel to wake up in the morning and drink American coffee you bought from Dunkin 'Donuts with a donut, all this by walking through the large buildings, discovered in a bus. How it is to see the neighborhood  where Sarrah Jessica Parker was having her cosmopolitan drink with her friends. How it is to climb the 87th floor of the Empire State Building and see the sunset? How it feels to be in Times Square at 3 in the morning and all the shops are open? To walk through Manhattan and then take a boat to go to the Statue of Liberty? All this is possible only if you're willing to go to the States. You leave afraid, without knowing anything, and come back another man.

From all points of view, Work and Travel is the best experience ever !!!!!






I will never forget the summer of 2015. In retrospect, I consider myself brave and lucky to have participated in the Work and Travel program. At first I was a little scared by the thought that I will stay three months away from family, but despite this, it was a great experience.
At first it was a little harder because of the social shock that we have experienced with the language although I know it was strange to hear 24/7 extraordinarily diverse people (I met people from Chile, Mexico Venezuela, Tahiti, Canada, Pakistan, India, Egypt, etc.), but soon after I got used to it, I made many friends who showed me the most beautiful places around. New Jersey is a beautiful state, bordering the ocean and beaches and not far from New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Washington.
I worked as an assistant cook for the most famous casino in the State of New Jersey, namely Borgata Hotel, Casino and Spa, was an honor to work with professionals and there even as you get paid for the work.
3 months in America, gave me self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-improvement. There's everything you see only in movies. It was extraordinary, superb.






My experience with Work & Travel started when we landed at JFK in New York. The huge buildings of New York already predicted an awesome summer, but no one expected what was to come ... In the place where we stayed in the host in Atlantic City I met wonderful people and I made friends that will never disappear. Besides stunning locations and landscapes that make you stay in one place and admire them for hours without getting enough of them find people with a distinctive character, and that makes this experience one not to be missed, this experience has changed a lot for. I remember the first time I received a flyer about Work & Travel on he wrote this:
"Best student experience" and I can say without restraint that every word is true.







       Ana & Cristina 

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