Why Choose IntegralEdu Work and Travel?

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With us, you make the most out of your money because only with IntegralEdu you have:


  • 22 years of experience
  • Competent and friendly service from our WAT experts who were also in this program
  • Enrolling in the program without any fee or the need to pay for warranties at the time of signing the contract
  • Full return of the cost of the program, SEVIS fee and the ticket in case of refusal of visa - without paying any additional insurance
  • Easy and convenient payments - pay cash at our office or pay by bank transfer
  • The option to pay in installments the cost of the program - without paying interest
  • We are the only agency in Romania through which you can pay the cost of a new summer program in State taxes with money recovered from the IRS
  • Receive special discounts between $ 20 - $ 40 for each friend enrolled in the program
  • You get secure jobs at no additional charge for a particular location
  • The quick and easy procedure for issuing the DS-2019 work permit - without a fee 
  • Visa assistance in preparing the dossier, and a mock interview visa
  • Lowest prices on flights provided by our agency Tour
  • Customized instructions for each stage of your journey in State
  • Travel Kit where you can keep safe all necessary travel documents: passport, ticket, insurance, boarding pass sites, travel instructions, DS-2019 
  • Medical insurance in the amount of $100,000 for the maximum period of 4 months and a half, specially designed for Work and Travel students
  • While you are there, we still care! During your stay in the States you can call anytime toll free our program's sponsor, CIEE or contact a consultant at the IntegralEdu emergency number available 24/7.


Work and Travel Program is an integral part of your student life!

Work and Travel USA is a cultural exchange program that allows full-time students to spend their summer vacation in America and work legally in tourism and services.

The program duration is 3 and a half months plus one additional month (so-called grace period) which allows you to travel across the United States after termination of employment.

In America, the program is administered by an organization sponsor. Integral has a long standing relationship with the largest sponsor of cultural programs - CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) that was authorized by the State Department to conduct Work and Travel since 1969. CIEE is a non profit conducts various educational and cultural exchange programs for students and young people. For more information about CIEE, please visit the website http://www.ciee.org/.


Oct 18, 2017 admin 3870 views