Work and Travel USA Jobs Fair

Oct 18, 2017 admin 14963 views
Prepared for summer 2019? Here are the job fairs that will take place in the next period and who are the employers you can schedule an interview for!
To see the details of each employer, please click on the name of the employer. You choose what you want and we help you with the rest.
Sign up early by completing the online form or by contacting any of the IntegralEdu Work and Travel offices in the country.
The order of the election and employment is done on the principle of First Registered - First Served. Thus, given that demand is very high and jobs are given quite fast, we recommend that you ensure the right place. If you want to enrol with your friends and go to the same employer, the recommendation becomes a mandatory requirement.


Virtual Recruit

 - Skype interviws with the employees representative for a certain job  -

10th of December

30th of January - 1st of February

Portland Virtual Road Show

- Skype interviews with the american employer who will be present at the CIEE headquartes -


11-12th of December

Virtual Road Show

- Skype interviews with big american company recruiters, which will hire a lot of students -

Interview dates will be annouced shortly



Road Show 

- American employers come to Romania for interviews with the students - 

More info soon!

Oct 18, 2017 admin 14963 views